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Volunteering is GOOD for you and for your community!! Really!! Studies show:

  1. It leverages funding for the Historical Society as it is considered a donation. Volunteer time is valued at $15.39 per hour.
    1.  Also allows funds to be spent on programs rather than staffing.
  2.  You gain new experiences and insight.
  3. You give back and help others.
  4. You create connections with new people.
  5. You get a feeling of accomplishment!
  6. It is good for you:
    1. Reduces stress (studies show a 20% lower risk of death than non-volunteers)
      1. Lower levels of depression
      2. Strengthens immune system by elevating moods
      3. Promotes personal growth and self-esteem
  7. Builds your resumé with new job skills and knowledge.
  8. Encourages civic responsibility and inspires leadership.

Presque Isle Historical Society is always looking for volunteers. There are a number of options including, but not limited to:

  • yard work and painting
  • “manning” tables at special events
  • piano playing at Estey events
  • tour guides
  • historical re-enacting and interpretation
  • office administration
  • and more….

If you are interested in volunteering for Presque Isle Historical Society, please contact us!