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In 1828, the communities of Maysville and Fairbanks Mills were established. Fairbanks Mills later became known as Presque Isle and annexed Maysville in 1883. The building on the corner of what is now US Route 1 (Caribou Road) and the Brewer Road is historically significant for a number of reasons. The site served simultaneously as the Town Hall, the Maysville School, and the Maysville Grange. Maysville Centre School closed for good in 1949 and the Maysville Grange ceased to exist due to lack of membership in the late windows going in

The original building on this site was constructed in 1865. The building burned down in 1916 and a new story-structure was erected in its place. In 1939, the building was again was destroyed by fire. It was replaced with the current smaller, one-story building.

After the closing of the Grange, the building was sold to the City of Presque Isle. In 1996, the ownership passed to a private individual and mostly remained empty. In 2004, another fire damaged the southeast corner of the building.

Presque Isle Historical Society acquired the building after raising capital through local donations in February of 2011. The work is being done to renovate the building through donations and grants. The community and businesses have been extremely generous! The Society plans to turn the building into a small museum to showcase its numerous collections as well as promote the direct ties to international history during The Aroostook War. An application has been submitted to the National Park Service to recognize the site as a National Historic Site due to its ties to this conflict.

The museum is expected to open in late 2016. Donations are still being accepted to help complete the renovations!